In your opinion which airport is more stressful to control?

I was wondering what is the most stressful ATC position possible. I just want a crazy busy position to practice my ATC skills. Thanks

You mean a facility to open or between Tower- Approach?

I would want to know the facility

KLAX Tower on TS1. Its very hard


Approach with 60+ inbounds, especially when you get mixed up with holding patterns

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Mm…assuming you are talking for Training server…KLAX, EGLL, KJFK, KSFO, EHAM would be suitable for your situation.

If you would like to practise your ATC skills, I would suggest you make an ATC Tracking Thread and wait for experience pilots to show up, instead of controlling pilots at EGLL which won’t hear anything and do whatever they want


I think ground at LAX can be a real cluster as well…


Yeah, but ground is a little bit easier imo, as it’s just saying yes and go here, not giving instructions to land and takeoff

+You give ways, pushback clearances, crossing clearances, etc…

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Yeah, but with tower, you have takeoffs and lansings, hold shorts, go arounds, contact departure.

Back and forth its the same thing. You just have to know HOW to control both Ground/Tower correctly.


Defiantly, every position needs someone who knows what their doing


KLAX,KSFO and EGLL usually have the most traffic in Infinite Flight

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Any FNF focus airports, peak time, Radar Controlling is usually the most stressful and hair ripping, combined with incompetent pilots and you have yourself a đź’© show.


Depending on wha you want practice with, try opening the approach AND departure frequencies at any busy airport on the Training Server.
You want to be stressed? That’s the easiest way to do it and get a whole bunch of ops

We all know what the answer is to this obviously… KLAX, KSFO, EGLL, EDDF, and really any other airport when it is really busy… LFPG? Some Canada airports can be hard. I’m my opinion Any busy airport is hard and if it has intersecting runways those are the hardest…

Wouldn’t recommend training server for large airports. You would be far better off applying for IFATC and controlling in the expert server. A challenge is one thing, but your experience would be far more enjoyable when people actually listen to you! As said above airports with 50+ inbounds in a short span would be challenging to control. Make sure you review tutorials however so that you’re doin it right, be it on TS or expert.

To get operations and practice on TS1, LAX. It’s a bit of a mixed experience, going to get a lot of people not paying attention / following your commands, but it also has the most traffic.

As far as toughest beyond when you’re IFATC, I’d day any airport that has intersecting runways during FNF and no parallels to use. Always gets crazy.

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EGLL on TS1, I rage quit after 15 minutes because no one was listening, I was just sitting there hopelessly

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Exactly why I go Gatwick, usually people who actually listen go there, but you soon get the traffic from EGLL so it doesnt stau quiet for long. I like the busy airports but when people do not listen, it does ruin it. Cant wait to go IFATC