In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


I hope that we can update our China’s big aircraft C919. Although we just started, it will be a good airplane. I can believe it is like this.


Tu154 eww it is so weird


I read about this aircraft before it was to be used in aerial aircraft carrier, until the whole idea was scrapped.


AN-74 is messed up…


The Airbus A350

Shields Up!

Red Alert!

Prepare for incoming enemies!


So hideous


Okay, somebody get him!


I flew on this very machine last Summer from London Biggin Hill to France. It’s ugly, cramped, dated but it accelerates so fast it feels insane. I’ll try and get some snaps up in spotting soon.


737, the flat engines are ugly and the cockpit is mesyy


I will surely be insulted. but for me the ugliest plane is the Boeing 747.
I speak in terms of shap.
Obviously the 747 is in our hearts at all


I think that this is quite ugly.


Definitely the Boeing 757. It’s literally a pencil


Firing Squad. Open Fire!


I must agree with you.


The A380 by a long shot!


All Boeing aircraft


Airbus A380. It’s proportions don’t seem quite right and the wings are bent down all funny.

Also a Boeing fanboy so there’s that.


Ford trimotor. It just looks visually disturbing to me.


definitely the BAE ATP, the funny thing is I adore its little brother the HS-748


Ugliest plane in the world is ABACUS 787 😂