In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


767, 772/ER, Dreamlifter and the supergupee (hope it’s spelt correctly)


TBH I think all propeller driven airplanes are ugly.


TBH-I think modern 737’s are ugly. They’re either short and squat or overly long. The A32X have a better looking wing and proportions imo.


If a CRJ and BAe had a baby…


The ATL-98 Aviation Traders Carvair. That thing looks like a tiny, wannabe Boeing 747 with piston engines.


ITS NOT FOR PASSENGERS but for airplanes


Antnovs(Air koryo)


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I HATE the Q dash 8 and the A330-200s


ATL-98, is uglyyyyy.


To anyone here who says the Antonov 225 is ugly…
“Go back to the sad hole you came from!”
The 225 is a beautiful aircraft (not to mention the biggest on the planet). If you can tell me that it is ugly…you are [BLEEP] blind! Those 225’s are a gem of aviation!


Relax. It’s just a matter of opinion(s). No need to combat those who do not feel the same. After all it is a forum, and not a household.


They are heccin beautiful though!


Sorry but the Antonov 224… Doesn’t look so good…


Can’t believe what i’m reading.


A300 and 310 lol. They’re so short and stubby


that damn BELUGA is ugly and the a380



I can definitely agree the An225 is a nice aircraft by my standards. I don’t see how people can see it as ugly, but ok.


Boeing 737 in all it’s versions. :P