In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


A380 is a spectacular aircraft to watch and land so far off being the one of ugliest aircraft


Here it is
(But I absolutely love it!)


I should have known it would be mentioned as the ugliest aircraft. I guess people had different tastes back then, can’t blame them one bit😂🤣


If I had to pick one, I would choose the Embraer ERJ-135/140/145


Beech 1900D, whenever I see them when I’m spotting I wanna throw up. Soooo ugly


Ilyushin il-96 is definitely the ugliest.


787-8/9/10 I can’t stand it it looks absolutely hideous


What Is my wallpaper in my bedroom… 737-300😁




I would say the IL-96.


Any airbus before the A350


A380 and 350 so ugly and looks like on of does cheap toys


Well, they aren’t cheap toys, I tell ya.


I mean like does made in China once (no offence to the Chinese)


It’s better in real life.


The A380-800 in IF, looks like a blimp.


The CRJ 1000. It looks like a pencil. Oh and also the L-1011 is kinda ugly.


Any tupolev, Airbus beluga, Boeing dreamlifter, and anything ilyushin


MD-90, looks like a pencil with 2 diagonal spikes in the end with 2 wierd ovoids attached…


The Sukhoi KR-860 is rather ugly.