In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?

Currently I’m in Iceland. 757-200. I agree: when the engines were turned ON the smell in the cabin was horrific.

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You’re an undercover Airbus spy aren’t you?

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Haha imagine me being a spy for Airbus. Though the 757 was pretty bad. Just the smell.:-D


the NASA super guppy

The Aviation Traders Carvair. It’s the plane in the pic of that Swiss thumbnail.

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You haven’t seen the 1101 votes?

I say the ugliest plane on earth is the Airbus Beluga and Beluga XL.
How they put the huge cargo bay over the cockpit, good gosh that design is ugly, in my opinion.

In my opinion the MD 11 is one of the most beautiful airliners we have… the A380 would’nt even compete😜

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I think the Beluga is just ridiculous, not ugly, but the A380 is disgusting. I also think that the 757 is beautiful unless you look it straight in the eyes :P

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Yea i dont like the front end, its too rounded and it looks like a fish, the 747-8 looks nice with its pointed front, and the sharp curve in the fan blades

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Bae systems-146

RIP ryanair
(low fares,bad landings)
what would a Ferrari 172 looks like
BOMBarider dash 8


ATR is legend😡

Gotta say the carvelle looks very weird

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SOOOOOO messed up…


Crazy how my taste changed.
Now I find the 737 very sexy lol

(Sorry Russian manufacturers, but yeah…)

Honestly… the a220. It looks like a bug.


Thats basically a 757

I agree with u,though I like AIB…

767, 772/ER, Dreamlifter and the supergupee (hope it’s spelt correctly)