In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?


Hello guys,
I think everyone has aircraft that they like, and aircraft that they hate. Many people love the look of aircraft that others don’t. What is the ugliest commercial aircraft you can think of? For me it’s either the DC10 or the A330.

What is the ugliest antonov plane in your opinion
What's the strangest-looking aircraft you've come across?

A320 of course.


ATR 72 Horrible looking thing!


ilyushin il-96


MD-80. ( Don’t judge me )


Boeing 757, so ugly.


Boeing 707 and 727



Trigger Warning


I can’t belive you! My worst aircraft is probaly the 737


Boeing 737 MAX. Hideous.


**not my pic **

Saw one of these in Europe a few years back l. Eeeks!


757, MD-80 and pretty much every Boeing aircraft. (Besides 787)

Suprised no one said A380 yet.


The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. It’s so ugly!


Airbus is not a commercial aircraft it’s an Aircraft manufacturer. Typical Boeing fanboy who knows nothing about aircraft other then liking the one called Boeingxxx


And the A318.


Its so cute! How can you think its ugly? ;)


Really? Why? I personally LOVE the a320 .


Boeing fanboy aren’t you @zbelle 😂


Call me controversial…767!


Boeing 747SP. Horrible

Boeing 747SP