In With The New Out With The Old, Volume 1

G’day all, today I went onto my iPhone 4S running iOS and downloaded Infinite Flight and to my surprise it was pre global so it got me thinking since the XCub is out why not make a special post of the Super Decathlon and XCub and include some pictures of airports pre global to global. To keep it as original as possible I spawned in at SAN Francisco.

The pictures were taken today about 1 to 3 hours ago from 2019-07-08T05:55:00Z, I was in solo mode on both devices. The time was Noon and sunset.

Cockpits of both aircraft, as you can tell the decathlon is very detailed to the point that your eyes cannot even see it, innovation am I right.

The outside of both aircraft is amazing, but the decathlon’s innovations seem to disappear on the outside as it doesn’t seem to have any opening doors.

The decathlon was easier to takeoff with because it’s a newer plane and you don’t have to use as much rudder as the older XCub.

Like I mentioned first I also got shots of pre global and global to compare against. Once again all images are mine.

Los Angeles has improved a lot since pre global looking a lot more realistic.

Same with the Los Angeles area itself also looks a lot more realistic, but it would look more realistic with the old animations of the water.

The view from 100,000 feet looks like your actually in space not just as high as Mount Everest.

At SAN Francisco at sunset actually looks more realistic than it does today, with that awesome water reflection on the setting sun on another wonderful day.

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I did. Feel free to give your thoughts below on what you think.

Should I do more of these in the future?

  • Definitely
  • Yes
  • Yes/No
  • No
  • Definitely Not

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Please note that in pre global when I said 100,000 feet I only got to 50,000 feet in the F/A 18. Also the images are edited together and are not individual images.

All images are Copyright © 2019 by Qantas094. All rights reserved.


Man I love these!


Thanks mate, it took me a while as the pre global free camera is horrible.

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I’m not really a fan of the old water. Yes, it looks SO good, however, when you go to tropical islands the water is turquoise which makes it unrealistic with the old water.

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Good point, I will see if I have a tropical place and see if it’s a tropical water colour.

It’s amazing what this game has become, from release —> multiplayer —> Global…

And with future updates to come(A350!! Whoooop!!) Theres one word to describe this ‘WOW’


Look at this, it would be fairly unrealistic.

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I suppose, because the water is just a deep dark blue pre global.

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I sometimes miss pre global I wish there was a serever that would take you back to pre global

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So do I mate.

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Hokay I am slightly confused… 😂😂

Other than that, great pics! It’s interesting to see how infinite Flight has evolved over time.

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Yeah I included some jokes in the post to make it funny.

You should use the free cam and maneuver into the actual cockpit

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Trust me I tried for 10 minutes and the slightest touch and it goes flying, it’s just so hard on a iPhone 4S

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@Sashaz55 did you even read the post? Don’t believe me tap on each image and count how many there are. Because there’s 7 mate.

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Why are you so mean for one yes they may be edited together but there different photos calm down and stop being harsh you didn’t have to necessarily call him out settle in a pm please


The way you have layed out the pictures makes it seem like there are more than 10.`

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Yeah I agree it does, I might change the colour since people want to see more.

Wow that’s nice! The pre-global pic with the super dec is so nice! 😍

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Thanks mate, I am planning a special one keep your eye out for it, it’s going to be called, In With The New Out With The Old Part 2: Something Special.

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