In which airport can i "spawn" without pro subscription?

Hi guys!

Yesterday i was looking for a list of “no-pro sub” airports where i can fly, but none has a specific list of that.
Can someone answer me that?

I would appreciate that :)

The regions which could be flown on for free before global can be spawned on without a pro subscription.
The regions which can be flown on are denoted by green boxes.

You can spawn at KLAX, and some other of the free region airports

The Big Free Airports In Regions:

There’s some others but try these

Any one that is in regions, it says what ones are there is you look at the region preview in the menu :)
Edit: a horrid typo

Refer to this for a full list of airports in every region.

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When you hit the map, you’ll be presented with a lot of green boxes. You can only spawn and fly within those boxes

You missed Denver, Jack 🙃


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