In typical Southwest Fashion

Hello IFC:

This week, (June 22nd-June 24th) I took a trip out to Phoenix, AZ to work on some future life things and to meet up with some friends. Since flights are getting more full and I had to work the next day, I decided that I would just by a ticket on Southwest instead of playing the standby game. Now, lets begin.

This trip report is from Dallas Love Field Airport to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, Adams Field. Today’s aircraft would be a Boeing 737-700. The registration was N565WN and is an 18 year old airplane. This airplane was in the heart livery and was definitely showing its age on the inside but still a nice airplane. We boarded and I sat in row 9, seat 9F. Since this was such an empty flight (64 total people) I had a whole row to myself and that was super nice. We pushed from the gate after bearing on time and then taxied to runway 31L. Unfortunately, we had about a 20 minute delay holding short of the runway due to a MX problem. After that, we thundered into the evening sky and on the way to Little Rock. We reached our cruising altitude of 41,000 feet (F410) and was served Southwest’s awesome snack mix and a cup of water. Since it was such a short flight, we didnt stay up at 41,000 feet for long. About 20 minutes out, we started our decent into Little Rock and landed on runway 4L. We then taxied to gate 11 and deplaned.

Here are some scores:
IFE:10/10 (Enjoyed the views outside)
Service: 8/10
Landing: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Some pics:


Awesome trip report! I enjoy reading these especially when they have the number of passengers included. Helps me to get a better idea of PAX loads in real life as well as see what is relistic to use in IF.

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You are welcome. Honestly pax numbers vary day to day. This was Wednesday evening

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Did you get quarenteened?

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I did not. You only have to quarantine if you travel to the NYC area from the new “hotspots”

Yay so I can go to Texas this summer!

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Southwest’s 737-700’s are my absolute favorite in their fleet as they remind me of their fantastic -300’s. 😅😅

In my opinion, I think their -700’s are Southwest’s best aircraft.

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The -700s sure do climb like a rocket ship. its impressive how fast they can get to 41000 feet on such a short flight. I think the -800s with the splits are my favorite aircraft in WNs fleet.

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