In The Heat of The Desert (Gold!)


About a week or two ago, I took the Southwest 737-700 for a spin on a groupflight with @SWA1997 and @PilotA320. I didn’t use just any Southwest 737, I used the Desert Gold livery (which is the best not gonna lie). Going cross-country from Kansas City to Las Vegas, the land of Desert Gold 737’s 😂. The flight was a blast, there was some amazing scenery along the way. Might as well show you some photos of the flight, so here you go!

The late-morning sun beats down on my 737 as I fly over the Rocky Mountains. Don’t you just love the oil residue on the wings? Fun Fact: The Southwest Desert Gold livery is the only 737 livery that has it.

What a beautiful cockpit! The scenery always looks better from the cockpit for some reason, don’t you agree? Probably just me that thinks that. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Catching the strobe lights flying over some more mountains. At this point, we were getting close to starting our descent into Las Vegas A.K.A. @Kamryn -ville. 😛

And we have a moonshot to finish us off! This was by far the hardest photo to edit out of the rest. But it still turned out great! And before you ask, yes this was taken in the daytime, it didn’t magically turn to night.

Hi again! How did you like those photos? Well thanks for stopping by, feedback is accepted, and have a great day IFC!

Also, remember to wave to @Kamryn when landing at Las Vegas. 😉


Wow that moon picture is nice you didn’t even tell me you took that hehe. 🤩

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All the pictures are good.

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Haha, thank you so much!

I was keeping the moonshot as a surprise until I made this topic. 😜

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Amazing edits omg im in love 🥰

DiD yOu lAnD 26L?!?!?!



Anyway, thanks a lot Mr. CEO of Las Vegas!


I need an answer 😔

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Cool pictures!
I thought Illinois One had the oil marks too
Or is my whole life a lie?! lol


You could say I spotted you land though 😏


I think we landed on 26R. Is that legal?

And thanks for spotting me! 😂

Thanks @anon74260613! And I think your whole life has been a lie, I’ll go check later today to confirm that. 😛

Just kidding lol.

itsblitz has left the chat

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Was I not supposed to?

Sorry, didn’t meant to respond with the VA account. It’s essentially the equivalent to landing 25R at KLAX, or 28C at KORD, or 8R at PHNL, which are runways that are very rarely or never used for arrivals. @Kamryn lives in KLAS so landing on 26R which is rarely used for arrivals may make him sassy😂


Well, uhh, oh well.

Never again will I make that mistake. 😂

Wow! Very nice photos!

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Thanks @MJP_27!

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Gorgeous photos, as per usual! You definitely save the best one for last.

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Thanks Brandon, means a lot!

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You’re very welcome. They really are great photos!

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Great photos!

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