In the future will Aircraft be flown by pilots or computers?

Just thought of a weird future possibility. who knows they are already designing cars to drive themselves. What are your thoughts???

Computers look at what Airbus is doing right now


There has been post about this already it is a duplicate :)

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Never saw the post…

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It’s ok I always duplicate post because I never find them or I’m just to lazy to search it up . Your not the only one lol :)

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No computer can ever replace a human brain…


It will happen sooner than you think, thanks to AI.

Article here explaining why / how:

But computers still won’t be infailable…

With the science based knowledge we have, we also have to admit that nothing is exactly a 100% predictable, so even if we have 100 computers controlling an airplane together you can never be a 100% sure they won’t fail all…

even that AI thing will be failable, like everything elese in our world…

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I know it is weird but I feel like AI will take over the world someday, the human race is getting to lazy

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They will end up being safer than humans by an order of magnitude. Not a little bit safer, not a lot safer… you get the idea.

I know it seems far fetched and far off… we still don’t even have self driving cars - I get that.

However read the article I posted and part 2, and you’ll learn that by as soon as 2030 ( probably sooner) we’ll have computer systems which are hundreds of times more powerful and intelligent than us humans.

The writing is obviously on the wall for some jobs. I think it’s a case of when, not if, pilots as we know them are eliminated.

Even AI will just be a large “chain” of "0"s and "1"s, you would have to damage if you’d want to shut it down…

Experts say pilots will never be “eliminated”, perhaps in the next few centuries…

This will be more like a “science-fiction” thing in our century…

Maybe commercial pilots won’t be needed anymore but people are still gonna fly Cessnas and Pipers

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Duplicate. Check Gman’s post.