In the future do you guys wish for changing weather

  • Yes
  • No

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You can discuss that here.

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I guess just having clouds will be more than ok with me as of now to make it even more realistic. It may take time for what your asking for but i bet the devs are doing there best to make this happen in the future ;)

Probable bad news guys, clouds will be too resource heavy for mobile. Sorry. Even basic PC struggle with clouds on other sims. Wether we can have cloud layers, maybe?

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I agree too,it will take up to much RAM and the app will eventually crash.

But in Carrier Landing Sim in mobile and pc they do have clouds but only patches of it haha…

Every night, before I sleep, I sit in my bed, and believe, that one day my dream, changing weather in IF, will become a reality. Oh how those nights go on.

Seriously it would be good to have

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In solo mode

Also adding rain will make people say add reflections and when FDS adds it, some devices FPS can lower to unexpected points and everyone complains.