[In the air] A Fond Farewell into the toon! @ OMDB - 130800ZOCT18

Thanks to all of you for joining so far, it’s only been one day!

Hey,I’ll be OMDB Tower and Ground frequencies,after that I’ll spawn at A07 and try and join you guys 😁

Sound’s real good I’m up for this flight.

You can’t do ATC at OMDB and still fly, you’ll be doing 2 things at once

Gate A07 is yours! Welcome and thanks for joining

A08 please.

Gate A08 is yours! Thanks for coming

Wow! Already two spaces left and I’ve got two people on standby

Ok then,I will be OMDB ground and tower.

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Great! Some ATC now

Anyone else who asks for a gate will be put on standby due to two people already unsure if they can join, if they can then you won’t be accepted, I can’t add anymore gates because EGNT only has 10 main gates and they aren’t even big

Less than a week to go!

Since there is OMDB ATC at the day of the event and you can go anywhere else should we change to expert?

  • Yes
  • No

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@IFMG @TheWalkingFruit @Don_King @Manga37 @Anawin_Roongsaengjan please vote and @Adam_Williams you could be ATC if you’re not available the whole day

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Ive got no votes but YES😀

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Can I join? Put me in the last 2 remaining gates. Btw I’m wondering why isn’t this on expert?

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Oof,then cancel me for ATC if this turns into Expert… I will take either A09 or A10 if the other 2 are a no show.

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Ok, I’ll put you both on Standby for now, hopefully you both can join

We’re moving it to Expert

were now moving to expert

I’m gonna tag you all so you all know I know some of you may be grade 2 but that’s unlucky @IFMG @TheWalkingFruit @Amaar_Viqar @Don_King @Goran12 @Manga37 @Anawin_Roongsaengjan @Starley @Adam_Williams @SimpleWaffles @anon91707592