[In the air] A Fond Farewell into the toon! @ OMDB - 130800ZOCT18

Hello there! Some of you may know that I will be leaving IF soon for a good while, so as my farewell flight it would mean a lot if anyone would join me!

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Event Description

We will be embarking on a 7 hour flight from the beautiful city of Dubai arriving at Newcastle EGNT 7 hours later, we will be flying the Emirates 777-300ER, EGNT has a challenging landing due to its short runway, so don’t crash!
Come Fly with me!

Event Details

Server - Expert

Date - October 13, 2018 8:00 AM

Flight Time Planned - Approximately Seven Hours planned

Flight Plan

OMDB 2518N/5517E 2521N/5512E 2519N/5502E 2521N/5453E 2523N/5447E 2526N/5434E 2532N/5408E 2535N/5358E 2538N/5347E 2544N/5330E 2551N/5311E 2601N/5245E 2613N/5218E 2619N/5204E 2623N/5157E 2624N/5151E 2629N/5139E 2641N/5101E 2644N/5052E 2646N/5044E 2648N/5039E TOLMO 2703N/5020E 2710N/5012E 2722N/5002E 2747N/4940E 2756N/4932E 2802N/4927E 2824N/4906E 2848N/4848E 2926N/4818E TASMI 3034N/4711E ALPET 3148N/4529E MUTLO LOVEK DELMI PUSTO RAPLU MODIK 3329N/3839E FIRAS KTN 3442N/3639E 3514N/3557E 3512N/3549E NIKAS VESAR 3616N/3345E MUT SEHIR OKLAM HISAR KFK KTH KARGI 3933N/2957E 4012N/2926E 4020N/2919E YAA IST FENER VADEN 4210N/2657E 4230N/2560E NAVOD 4417N/2345E 4452N/2251E MOPUG XOMBA 4847N/1705E VEMUT 4950N/1215E ERETO LONLI SULUS 5010N/1035E GORKO ALIBU DEMAB MASEK EDEGA 5108N/849E BIGGE RELBI RKN TENLI FLEVO SPY BERGI AMGOD SUPUR MIMVA 5308N/306E OKAMA EMLON LEGRO NALAX OTR UMBEL RIKUD 5444N/120W NATEB DIGBI ERLOT EGNT
A more detailed Flight plan will be released prior to the event including the departure and arrival runways

Flight Details

Cruise Speed - 0.85 Mach
Cruie Altitude - FL340
Fuel - 64,000kg


Spawn in at your assigned gates 10 minutes prior to event

Always listen to instructions given by ATC or the leader

Always maintain a 5-10 NM distance from other pilots


Ground: @Adam_Williams
Tower: @Adam_Williams




A01: @IFMG
A02: @TheWalkingFruit
A03: @anon91707592
A04: @Don_King
A05: @Goran12
A06: @Cjthew91 (Leader)
A07: @Manga37
A08: @Anawin_Roongsaengjan
A09: @SimpleWaffles
A10 @Ren


Lol I know this is stupid but I accidentally pressed create topic, gimme a sec whilst I finish it


Right, the event is now complete, feel free to join,

Nice event format😉. Too bad itll be 1am for me but have fun


Thanks Mate, yeah I realised no Americans will join but oh welll

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Helped you out with your title as September 13 has passed. ;)


Oh, lol thanks_

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@Cjthew91 can i have a01

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Yes you can, thanks for coming

Can’t make it unfortunately but good luck.




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Ok… that was weird

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Can’t make it as it’s going to be at 3am for me

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It’s ok, I’m well aware no Americans will be able to join

I’ll join you! Gimme any gate

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You can have A03 thanks for joining mate!

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Farewell flight. Sign me up.

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Done and done, you’ll have A04

Lol I forgot to add myself

Sign me up as G-AVIA!

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Ok! Gate A05 is yours

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