In Space...

thanks, the speed would be
42823984.00 Mach
this is
28552405772 kts
52879055444.056 km/h
32857521725.65979 mph
(calculated with the Google calculator)

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Id get it 😂 So how exactly do you do it?

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i just took of in an F-22 with full power and Max. Fuel after i got around 1550kts i pulled the nose up around 40° - 90° then i climbed rapidly after that i pushed the nose down to earth in an about 120° angle and inverted, then when i hit the ground i just whent through it, and after a while i reached -400’000 MSL then i climbed again and spinned around very fast, very fast, and sometime late i reached Mach 30 and i was still climbing (all the time with full engine power) and some time later (more than 2 hrs or something) i reached all that kind stuff :)

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Did this in my F-14 accidentally! Nice Pics @Captain_Felix!

My HUD altimeter glitched our at 100,000 ft. But I got to 400,000 ft

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I’ve tried like 10 times and crashed Haha.

"One small step for man, one big leap for mankind!"


I crashed IF! 😂🤣


It’s not working for me. Lol. What areas did you guys do it at

You got some words wrong @BravoCharlie:

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,”

I’ve tried it multiple times and its not working. Was this glitch fixed?

No @ztoastednoodle. This glitch still works. I tried yesterday and it worked, sometimes it may take many times. I recommend solo, climb and then dive. When you pull up, if you don’t go underground like you should in this glitch, just use the back 20 seconds button and try again. Good luck! 😃👍🏻😉


I tried it got to space accidentally turned off my engines and fell from space and then shot back up into space again😂😂 and made the famous “Houston we have a problem” Iwould’ve gone again but I had to attend an event

What altitude do you usually climb too? I’ve tried it 5 times from FL200 and the glitch won’t work

I normally go to FL600 and then dive. Them pull up and land out a low angle. It way take multiple tries so go in solo, if it doesn’t work click Back 20 seconds.

It’s a pear shape


no, it’s curvy

Can we gather all “space” topics together? I dont hate them and they are interesting but there should be just one main topic. Because this is not NASA game😊 i know we have a B747 with space shuttle but thats a different issue.

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what about a c172 in space?


Lol that would be funny! 🤣