In Space...

I flew in a F-22 and got to a top altitude of 30,000,000 feet!

Steps to get into space:
1: use a fast or fastest plane in if, then go to 1,000-2,000 knots
2: get inverted
3: Crash into flat ground at a very little angle
4:you will be going through the ground for a while
5: wait until you get to around - 400,000 feet
6: you should pop up out of the ground at speeds well within the 10,000 knots and fly into space

Hope you enjoy and are able to do it too!

  • IFS :)

Nice shots mate, great job 👍

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Nice pictures, and thank you for also including instructions!

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Thank You :)

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Your welcome
^ ^

Very good pictures. I love how Infinite Flight designed Earth. Very nice looking.

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I know, Very cool!

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Earths not Flat
Earths not round
It’s a weird shape in the first photo.


Uh oh… so what is it then? A pear?

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I don’t understand how you do that

Only managed to do it once near LFPG, my F22 blasted all the way to the North Sea within seconds! Tried to do it when in VHHH and crash towards mainland China so that I can see the entire Asian continent but failed. Any tips on that?

I already achieved it xD🤣🤣🤣🤣


we have a new speed and height record🤣🤣🤣🤣


Wow! Your going fast!

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taking into account that the game crashes after reaching that point, I can not stop laughing

Bro, you and me have the exact same altitude, except I did it in a 787 😆



i am a bit toooooo high i think
and a bit tooooo fast


That is an insane amount of numbers… I don’t think I can even do that! Amazing!

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thanks, the speed would be
42823984.00 Mach
this is
28552405772 kts
52879055444.056 km/h
32857521725.65979 mph
(calculated with the Google calculator)

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