In search of Mods

If there are any active Mods I can add to a convo to verify & remove a ghost please let me know. We added DeerCrusher but he seems MIA, I know he’s been busy irl recently. Thanks :)

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Have you spoke to the controller about it?

Yes, it is resolved. I just need an active mod to add to the convo to verify & remove :)

I don’t think it requires a mod to do that… or does it…?

Ah ok! Good to hear, Best bet is to ask the controller to add them 🙂

Yeah it does, Controllers can’t remove them.🙂


Hey there! I don’t really think this needs a topic all by itself. Just be patient! Just put @moderators in your recipients to send it to all of them.

Also, you should probably tell the controller who ghosted you.

I hate to be rude, but impatience won’t get you anywhere. Deer has been added to the PM, so a mod is present. He will get around to it when he can. He’s a busy guy, recently got upgraded to the CRJ-900! I’m sure that it can be difficult waiting for a ghost to be removed, but patience will get you farther in the long run.


I know he has! Super happy for him. We kinda talk off and on. It’s been a day, I’m truly in no rush. I know hes swamped, just one less thing to take off his plate in my eyes.

This topic is solved, thanks all


Feel free to add me to the PM. I’m available :)