(IN PROGRESS YOU CAN JOIN) Landing Testing At Madeira (Go Arounds) @ LPMA - 081730ZOCT18

Server: Expert Server

Airport: LPMA

Time: 1730Z

NOTAM: You can make go arounds at Madeira.
You have To take off from runway 05!! You can learn to land on a hard airport.
Have fun!!!

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i will be now the atc at toulouse!!!

Anyone who wants to join???

come join my event!!!

Please use the proper event format:



ATC IS NOW OPE!!! Have Fun!

Just FYI, Madeira’s code is LPMA, not LMPA.

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Thank youu☺️☺️

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But who want To join this event

If your just gonna be controlling, then this topic is better suited as an ATC Tracking Thread.

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