In need of Military VA groups or fighter jet formation crews

If you know any military jet formation or simple military va please have their CEOs notify me. I have a future frontier event which I will be in need of all of their services :). (No teaser as to the event name only that it takes place 50,000 feet in the air)

If you are Grade 4 as well as being a regular or above you can also message me and get the chance to play a very key role in the upcoming event.

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Why not contact IFES?


I have and I’ve contacted AeroSync. I’m checking to see if anyone else is out there


Was just about to tag Overspeed. Oh well, may as well do it anyways.


Noted, and added. We look forward to it :)

A318’s at FL500 can’t be possible unless it’s a different type of event.

I 100% know this ;) and we will not be using the A318 for this event. But thank you.

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