In need of IFATC volunteers for an event

I’m having an event on the Expert Server and I’m needing people to help control the airport. I’m wanting to make this as realistic as possible.

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All you gotta do is contact an IFATC controller. Problem solved ;)


Ill take note and post it in our events list.

Theres no guarantee that we will be there though. I will PM you when I hear further



The event is on December 2nd so I’m sure that will give plenty of time for people to volunteer. Thank you for doing that!

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I would volunteer to control but I never know when I’m available :/

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Ok we can keep in touch until the event gets closer. Thank you!

I can’t speak for Tyler, but I’ve seen cases where airports are open outside of the active controlling region. There’s a chance that he might approve of your event but there’s no guarantee that that’ll happen. Your only guarantee at most would be if the US/West Coast/LAX HUB type region is open during the day of your event. Otherwise, ATC will conduct normal operations based on the training schedule that Tyler creates for the IFATC team, and the schedule that is shared weekly with the community. Hope this information is of assistance to you. 😊 🤙🏼


It sure is thanks man 🙂


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