In Need Of Help for IF Project Idea

Would anyone be interested in working with me on a project near Nellis AFB?

What exactly is the project?

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In IF or IRL???

This is confusing… please elaborate :)

In Infinite Flight.

Please PM me.

And the project is…


Shouldn’t this be in #live?

I know it’s not usually my topic to respond to, but when asking for help it’s always a good idea to be as detailed as possible. Rather than vaguely titling the topic “In Need of Help”, make it more applicable to what help you’re looking for. In the actual post, put as many details as possible. The fact that your entire thread is people asking clarifying questions shows that there is information lacking from the intro. I’d think that most people wouldn’t want to get all of the details for a project in a PM. It can make it harder for people to say no in such an environment. Not wanting to have to do that, people may end up not sending a PM at all.

I hope this helps you write better posts in the future. :)


Thank You for explaining this so kindly!

I really think I should move this to #live

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