In need of help For a Fighter jet video

Hi 👋 everyone just gonna ask anyone out there good with jets like say the f22 I need help for a video I’m making

@Nate_Schneller is your man

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I wish I could help now, but I don’t have a computer to do anything. I’ve written Survival, having probably the best freecam work I’ve seen in the IF filmmaking community on a Mac at my old home, but I’ve moved to an apartment without a desktop.

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Oh you don’t have infinite flight subscription? I can make the videos my self I just need to fly with at least 3 people

I do have a subscription, but not a computer that I consider good enough for editing

He wants pilots Nate ;)

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Oh! That makes sense. Count me in if you need formation or a stuntman 👍🏻

Why don’t u make it instead

Ohh sorry I thought u need people to make the clips. But ur not selfish u just needed to fly with someone, sorry I misunderstood. I can fly with you

Yea I need formation how to communicate though I can’t post discord link here

You can send a PM if you’d like

Ah ok sounds good

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