In need of help and suggestions

Hello everyone, im a long time player of IF, and also long time follower of this forum, but i only just now got IF Pro and i have a few questions.
I would consider myself a pretty good pilot so my question to you is what do you suggest i do for leveling up my grade in a quick manner? I just started my trip to grade 2 by doing a few 1h hops and a bunch of touch and goes for the landing requirement.
Secondly, is there some sort of tutorial or list of all ATC commands so that i can learn them in advance so that i can immediatelly start flying normaly on training server.
Third, do you guys have any suggestions in general for airports/airlines to fly? Im currently mostly oprating in my home regions of Serbia and Italy.
Fourth, virtual airlines. How do they work and how do i join?
Fifth, for joining events i just have to follow what happens in the live category right?
Sixth, i plan to fly transatlantic flights overnight. Do you have a site or app to reccomend which could give me an estimated fuel load and flight time, in advance (before takeoff), so that i know which flights to fly.
Finally, if you have any other info or general suggestions which i didnt mention, pls write below.
Sorry for the long topic, but i have quite a lot to pick up on :) Thanks in advance In need of help and suggestions


FlightRadar24 will give you this flight time IRL. will give you a FPL, and total fuel needed.

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Well to level up quickly I suggest doing long hauls for XP then touch and goes for landings check out the Infinite flight YouTube channel for tutorials. VA are great all you do is look up there thread on the IFC then go to their website and apply what you do there is basically fly routes that you are rewarded for flying and then rank up. To join events just reply to the event saying you want to come then the host will do all the work just show up.


Hello Ivan!

There are many great tutorials both on the IFC and the Infinite Flight YouTube channel which may help you in using ATC. You can also check the User Guide here. Just a side note though, ATC on the Training Server may not be as good as they are not qualified and could be training to be a qualified controller on the Expert Server.

In Infinite Flight, there are no limits on what aircraft or where you can fly. You have the world to explore!

If you’d like to join a Virtual Airline, feel free to check out or #live:va. However, most VAs require you to be at least Grade 3 and above.

Don’t worry about that! Most events should cover all procedures.

You can use websites such as! It gives you the amount of fuel needed, climb and descent profile. Basically everything you’d need! Check it out.

Once you’ve reached Grade 3, you will unlock the Expert Server, as well as being able to join most VAs! Make sure you know your stuff before going onto the expert server though. If you’d like to fly to a region with realistic (most of the time) traffic and have ATC service, check out the ATC Schedule.

It’s great that you asked! The awesome community here is always willing to help.


Welcome to Infinite Flight Pro!

Personally I’d say go at your own pace. Don’t feel obliged to go for the best grade immediately. I’d take a look at the User Guide first. (Explained below)

The User Guide. This can also be found on the home screen of the app. I’d also suggest looking in #tutorials for some more advance ways and advice.

The world is your oyster! When you reach the Expert Server there is the ATC Schedule which is updates weekly to explore and fly around new places across the world with hundreds of other players!

I’m a CEO of a Virtual Airline, I’d be happy to help with anything in this sector. You can join a Virtual Airline/Organisation to become part of a group for your favourite airline, or one that you fancy. You’ll be flying and logging hours for them, fly in their own events, and many other joys. Take a look at my post. To join a VA/VO, look in #live:va and there will be threads for Virtual Airlines and how to join them there.

Events should usually contain information on what and where in the topic. You can just sign up by requesting a gate that doesn’t have someone’s name on it.

I always use Infinite Flight FPL Converter, just filling in the first section being Aircraft, Departure, and arrival airport. It will include all the information and FPL you need below. Personally I then add procedures to my FPL.

My general suggestion, is don’t be afraid to ask! As a community we are always happy to help, and always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about the game.

Hope this helps!

One suggestion is the Training Server ATC may be playing around a lot, this is open to anyone. The Expert Server is home to only tested and trading controllers with the ability to report or ‘ghost’ users if they don’t follow the instructions given, or just don’t keep it realistic by taxing through random things, or not on the taxiway, or being on the frequency… as long as you’re following the instructions given you’ve got no worry this isn’t anything to be afraid of.


Thank you @tunamkol @TheAviationGallery @Chicago_Aviator @Ecoops123 for all this info and the quick reply. Im going to have a field day with all this info :)


Enjoy! Feel free to ask if you’ve any more questions.


Sorry that this is a bit random and off topic, but since i noticed that my home airport, LYBE, has a bit outdated taxiway layout, is there a way to contact someone from the airport editing team about this so it can maybe be covered in a future update, since the taxiway layout seems to represent the situation from around 2 years ago. I have reference pictures and screenshots from recent jeppesen charts if those are needed as references

The airport editing team is a group of volunteers who’d not take requests. You can join the team and edit it yourself though!

Take a look at this thread:


@TheAviationGallery On online, why am i able to see only one atlantic track in each direction and the pacific tracks? Do more of them show up for ex. on expert server or do they just appear one at a time?

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I’m not exactly sure of this (I haven’t touched oceanic trackers as I’m too busy to do long hauls), but I’m pretty sure the amount of tracks available remains the same regardless of what server you’re on.

Maybe someone else will be able to answer the other question you have.

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Heya i would reccomend this website for fuel,


Now that I did more research, I believe it is because the tracks are updated real time and always changes, based on the winds etc.

Sure, add me. Is the team creating OU virtual also in the group?

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I know they are i was just confused as to why only 2 showed up for the entire atlantic, since i know that IRL there are 11 tracks in each direction i think. Did my first Transatlantic flight yesterday and the A track took me a bit too south, which got me wondering :)

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Hmm. Maybe someone else will be able to answer your question :)

Usually there would be more NATs but due to the lack of demand for travel at the moment (because of the coronavirus), there is only one track going each direction (2 total). Infinite Flight updates these tracks real-time.

You can see the current tracks here: (more user friendly).


Really? I didnt know. Thanks for the info. Also another small question. I remember reading somewhere on the IF guide that when in cruise on long flights, flights flying between 359°-179° keep a even numbered flight level and the reverse for the other direction. Is that the case or did i mix something up?

No, that’s the wrong way round (it’s 0° to 179°: odd, then 180° to 359°: even). Check out this tutorial for further information regarding cruising altitudes :)

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