In need of Ground & tower controllers ASAP!

Hello and happy new year! I am doing a LIVE youtube recording flight from JFK to MIA… and I would love ATC please! If anyone can come in and be a controller that be great thank you! Grade 3, but in the Training mode.


for FS! I am tired of people who keep saying post here and there… I hate moving around… and I don’t got time for Eventually! I NEED NOW! I been waiting on the damn tarmac for 30mins! and people are starting to be impatient! and so are my 30 passengers.

It’s new year, Holidays, it’ll be hard to get one. You can depart with Unicom (:


I got you brav I’m already there!

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  1. Take a chill pill.
  2. You were already told where to post in your other topic.
  3. You obliviously have the time to wait 30 mins.
  4. Spawn at an airport that have ATC if it’s such a hurry.