In need of a FPL expert

Hello. I have a custom FPL to draw a design in the sky for Christmas. It’s extremely long. However, I have a problem. It is over New York, and I am flying there from Austin an doing the pattern, which is fine. However, if wants to me to start at the furthest point from me which doesn’t make sense. When I was parked at the gate and hadn’t yet put in a few waypoints leading to New York and the start of the pattern, the starting pint was the closest coordinate to me, whcih made sense. Here is a picture:

As you can see, it wants me to go across to the right side when the left side is closest to me.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Sorry I’m not great with this kind of stuff 😂

So, I think it’s best if you start from JFK. But if you have Google Earth, you can get the IF logo and do something with this:

Try direct a different waypoint?

Does that work on a iPhone or do I need a laptop

What do you mean? Like try using different waypoints? Bcs I tried that

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Preferably a computer. To add on, you can actually draw anything if done right 👍🏻

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Hmmm ok I’ll see

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