In middle of flight 20.1

I’m the middle of a flight and it’s just cuts off


Yeah I’m facing the same issue. I was just transitioning past my SID and my app crashed out of nowhere. I wasn’t in a busy area though.


Please read over topics before posting your question has been answered probably over 50 times now… It is due to a server overload and a few known bugs… Patience is key.
Cign :D


Usually in a busy area my device gets really laggy and crashes; but if it’s just mid flight, it’s happening to a lot of people so I wouldn’t worry as it’s a known issue and it’s being worked on

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What do you mean “cuts off”?

Does the app crash, does the connection terminate? Can we get more info please.

So the flight stops and it goes to my home screen

Also if it’s server overload how come before this update it’s busy anyway and nothing bad happened

Hello, this seems to be a common issue with a wide variety of users. Try reducing your aircraft count and make sure to limit frame rate and so far so good. If you haven’t yet tried this I suggest to do so for now.

Yes I’ve just reduced the plane count and my frame rate was on anyway

Please read this before posting to see if it solves your issue :)

Can someone help to do know I’ve attempted a 3rd flight and it crashed again like 1hour 30mins into the flight so also do we know when this bug is gonna be fixed

Your game crashed because of the heavy load on servers, known issue and being worked on as we speak.

the amount of times I’ve answered this today 😂

If you look at the servers, they’re all between 70-90% full. That’s going to cause problems and the only solution is unfortunately to wait it out if your device keeps crashing.

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