In Memory of SAL 295

Check out my live stream to mourn the mystery of SAL 295 with me. I am flying the route that SAL 295 was going to take if the perilous fire never occurred. Enjoy the stream.
RIP SAL 295 and its victims.


HI! As I look at your takeoff, I find some unrealistic things

  1. Never takeoff using autopilot. This is unprofessional and sometimes the AP might make you’re plane dive.
  2. Never set throttle AP to 250 immediately after takeoff. Always keep the speed at a positive rate, and maintain 190-220 while you’re climb to 10.000ft
  3. You’re V1 speed is 200 KTS! What? For the 747 the v1 speed is normally at 140-170 Maximum.

Hopefully in the future you will be able to improve these mistakes. Anyways, great flying!


Thank you. I’ll use those tips to help me in the future.

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Adding a little bit more to what @AlphaSeven said.
1. Planes never take off with full power since there a risk of blowing up the engine. Just keep the N1 in the green.
2. 747s rarely takeoff with flaps 5. They usually take off with 10 or 25.
3. positive rate is always around 10-20 degrees.

Thank you. I’ll use that in my future flights.

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The engines won’t blow up. It’s just not recommended to exceed N1 because the lifespan of the engine shortens significantly. N1 +100% might be required during go arounds, emergencies and short rwys.

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I landed successfully in Mauritius. Check this new live stream out to see the second leg of my trip.

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I thought it would catch fire or something and blow up. My noobness is exposed lol

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