In Memory of SAL 295 | The Leg that was Never Flown

1) Background to the photos
It’s November 28, 1987, and Suid Afrikaanse Ludgiens Flight 295 (South African Airways Flight 295) is making a routine flight across the central Indian Ocean. A few hours later, it bursts into a ball of fire and crashes into the Indian Ocean just 300 nm from Plaisance Airport (FIMP). Nobody survived. This incident once again proved that the Apartheid government of South Africa was an evil, bigoted set of white supremacists that did not care about their own people. This cost us 159 innocent lives.

Jump into present time; May 21, 2019, was the day I completed the first leg of the flight. I attempted the second leg of the flight, but crashed shortly after takeoff.

Today, I decided to try it again; this is the result.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 11-29-87 / 9-1-19 (America), 2000Z, FIMP-FAOR
3) Photos
After a long flight from Taipei, we are parked at Gate 12 in Mauritius. We are ready for pushback on our way to Jan Smuts Airport (FAOR).
We have lifted off from Mauritius.

Due to Apartheid sanctions, we are required to avoid Madagascar. The island is seen to the north of us in this picture.
We have made it to South Africa.
We are on final, making a visual approach.
This landing is for all 159 people who perished on that fateful morning.

With all respect to the victims of SAL 295,



This crash has intrigued me for years now, and every sickening detail of the crash has made me more interested in trying to make my own theories about the crash. I have never been so intrigued by any crash aside from this one; this one crash has made me really think about just how humans can behave, and how one mistake in your life can change it forever. Think about that for a moment.


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This crash still remains a mystery to me. Mostly because a lot of the details of the crash could not be recovered. I am glad that you completed the journey and wish that more people did things like this in IF

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Thank you. I am planning on doing more of these types of things.


There was also theroy of this crash being well planned since one ground person from Tapie claimed the aircraft fuel in one of the fuel tanks was mixed with Rocket fuel and that caused the engines to Explode. this theory might sound unlikely but what if its true.

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