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Hello Community,

As you know, the last 747 had rolled out of the production line in December and now, it has just been delivered on the 1st of February. There has been multiple 747 farewell screenshot topics, which I think you should check out as there are many great pictures there.

This topic however, is different

As you can see in the title, this topic is more of a 747 shrine. Here we will converse about your opinions and feelings about the 747, along with any experiences you had.

You may talk on what you think the 747 will become in the near future, but try not to stray off topic.

Godspeed to all and the future of the 747

747's crown

With regards,

(note this topic is only estimated to be active for about 1-2 months only)


With my experiences I saw the 747 many times before and even got on a -8i before. I am expecting to get on a Korean Air 747-8i this June.

I will miss the B747, flew on BA & Cathay’s B747-400 a few times.

Cathay: Manila - Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Sydney (and back), Johannesburg to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to London Heathrow (and back)

British Airways: Mumbai to London Heathrow (and back), Hong Kong to London Heathrow (and back).

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