In loving memory of Phoebe Lois (my bearded dragon) - 2016-2021

This morning, my beloved 6 year old bearded dragon, Phoebe, passed away. This morning was a hard morning, burying my pet lizard in my backyard. She was a very sweet girl, who lived a wonderful life. Since bearded dragons originate from Australia, I just did a flight in the shape of a heart from Sydney to Sydney. Attached below is a picture of my flight route.

Rest In Peace Phoebe. ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you.

Anyone else think he was talking about Phoebe from Friends? No? Just me?

RIP, Nice way to honor his death salutes

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No. My pet bearded dragon was named Phoebe.

Nice route In honor of phoebe, RIP Phoebe!

Lol i know i read the post 😅 sorry about your lizard bro. I was going to make a Geico joke to see if it would make you feel better but i forgot Geico is a Gecko

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My condolences, but it’s always nice to see people doing these kinds if things for their pets to wish them eternal happy resting. It broke me when my pet died. Rest in peace Phoebe!

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Sorry to hear that. I myself have a bearded dragon I can’t imagine how saddened you are.


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