In love with ATC voice!

hello guys, a strange thing happened !!! I think I’m in love with the woman who does the atc voice !!! what do you think? you like it???


The voice depends on which device you are using :) So it´s a hard question to answer without knowing what kind of device you are using.

Oh yeah!I noticed when I watch the tutorials! but in my ipad AIR2 is very sexy !! 😎


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Wow!!i’m not sure that i like!!😂🙈

Depends on device.

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In wich one is it possible?and how?

It is possible to change it on Android devices. I think there is a thread about in somewhere here on the forum. I read about yesterday or something.

One it is a bit strange
Two I don"'t think this must be in live

Whoa ah … That’s a bit wierd !

Don’t go too far into the love ;)

How did you like the valentines event with your lovely women ? Did you ever leave lol ?

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The voice is actually ran locally on your device and depending on the voice data you have installed.On an Android device, just goto Settings-Language and Input-Speech-Text To Sech Output. The default is ‘Gogle Text-to-Speech’, but you can install others. Can’t remember how to change voices on iOS.One of the best over at the Play Store is Ivona Text To Speech!

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It’s been a while since I played with iOS, but this article may hellp out. ;-D


In that case, i would say no.

I tried changing my Siri language but the ATC didn’t change for some reason. Listening to the voice on Tyler’s tutorials is very strange compared to the one I use (British Female). The American one says ‘runway’ quite funny

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You can’t change the voice on your device for iOS to change in app…you can change your Siri voice but it will not change in the infinite flight app

I made my own voice-overs in my text-in-speech settings, by a mile better than this woman with ugly german emphasis. Ugh.

How you did?

Well, the same what Apple did when they made siri. Search it on google, a lot easier than explaining this here.