In live training server

I know that there is a topic that describes a kind of solo mode that allows you to choose trainig scenarios and fly in diferent situations to train and get better on our skills… I have a similar idea, we could have a special training server that allow to any pilot to join, with permision, the flight of a qualified trainer.

How will work

We could have a special training to expert pilots that make them trainers, this trainers will have the work of training new pilots that are grade 2 or below, we all know that many of new pilots do not know the basics of flying in IF, so this trainees will request a training period when they want to start their training. This trainings will take part when the trainer and trainee agree.
The training course will have a pratical part and a theorical one. When the trainig lessons finish the pilot will have a global test in 3 parts or less (also trainer and trainee will get agree of that)

Practical Lessons

This lessons will need another feauter that is also requested, shared flights.
The trainer will join in the Practical Training Server as a pilot and the trainee will do it as co-pilot, the lesson will start and finish when they agrre as I said. The trainer will be allowed to have a Practical Scenarios Section where he can active some especific situatios to help the trainee geting better in his/her skills.

Theorical Lessons

This lessons will take part if the trainer and trainee are not aviable to have the Practical lessons, and the trainer will give to the trainee information about what to do in some situations or he/she can give the trainee his/her own experience flying in this fantastic simulator. the trainer will have a full follow-up of all the lessons

Theorical Exams

(I know my english is not the best so I will clear this, when I say theorical exam I mean written one, in paper, via e-mail or what else)
This exams can be taken by the trainer in a specific date (end or start of a month) and they will have to be 2 weeks earlier advised. They can contain all that the trainee learned or less (no more) and the will be classified in grades depending on the IF trainee grade. The exams can be taken via e-mail or paper if the trainer and trainee knows each other in real life.

Practical Training Server (PTS1/TS2)

In this server only trainers and ACTUAL trainees will be allowed to enter and also if anyones wants to join as an observer he/she will be allowed without having an official training program. The server will have a special section called Practical Scenarios Section that I will explain below.
On this server will take part all of the in live lessons as can be any normal take-off procedure or ILS approach procedure. Also this server can have a Training Active ATC that helps the trainer to teach the trainee following ATC instructions and practicing for the same thing as can be helping understanding patternworks.

Practical Scenarios Section

This section will have normal training scenarios that when the trainer request this section will make a training situation for the trainee such as making an IA plane enter the runway or any conflict with other aircarft, terrain, etc.
This section will be alowed only in the Practical Training Server and it can be able like the weight & balance option or the time set in the game.

Training Active ATC

This ATC will be qualified to controll on the PTS1/TS2 server and also can be the famous Expert Server ATC, off course this ATC will not be able to ghost anybody that follows the server rules… also this ATC will get in contact with the trainer to ableo or disable some restrictions to the trainee as speed restrictions or maneuvers ones. Also this ATCs will need to be calm and respect the flying style of the trainee (they are trainees so do not expect a perfect pilots flying in this server)

This is all I thank for now, off course you can help me geting better this idea and I will gratefuly apreciate your opinions.

Thank you very much, Lucas

Personally I love any thoughtfulness and ambition that aims to increase the experience value of any product, particularly IF. My biggest concern is that there is a whole lot of implementation necessary here, when the bottom line is that IF is a mobile based flight sim with an average demographic age in the teens. Not to say that some wouldn’t be fully on board to undertake these training scenarios. I feel that this idea is further in the future for IF, and very well hope that this is considered in the future for IF. Excellent thought process and a contribution well done.


I apreciate your opinion, and in part I agree, thank you.