In-game virtual airlines

The Virtual Airlines are very cool, but are only in the community. I was wondering if the virtual airlines were in-game. Everyone who is Grade 4 or 5 can open a Virtual Airline, and everyone who is Grade 2 or greater can join a Virtual Airline. A Virtual Airline would have a maximum of 250 pilots. It would be something like this:

I think it’s a great idea because a lot of IF players don’t use IFC, like me, that I started using IFC when I reached Grade 3.

This is already based out of IFC, go to #live:va, and there you will find all of the virtual airlines and VO’s. You can also find the IFVARB database, if you are looking to create a VA, you must be TL2, and you can find all of the info in #live:va. You are a TL2, because you can post here, that tells me that

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Sounds Like Infinite Passengers.


Yes, but it would be in Infinite Flight, not in a Third party app

As mentioned above the VA’s and VO’s and IFC based and I really don’t see a point on having this implemented as slack/discord allows for much better management.

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I understand but i don’t think FDS would make this features because of Third Party App. I’m not really sure but i think it is already been explained before.

I’m not saying it was implemented in a third party. I’m saying that IFVAs are only in IFC, but it would be great to see them in IF.

I’m sorry but I don’t agree, For me Virtual Airlines have always been one if the best parts of the community. Adding this in-game would not only be unrealistic, It would spoil the excitement of the community.

remember this is my opinion


The IFVARB system is pretty well to me. Pilots can register their flights in the VAs website forms if implemented by them. they are grades and ranks systems requirements on them, and it’s easier for managements between VA members.

Things was asked back two three years ago by Philippe to know community wishes about VA implementation in Infinite Flight. IFVARB looks for now a good alternative.

Plus, i really think that it would be hard technically to put this into the sim.

So this is my opinion, but I think for now IFVARB is handling VA things really well :)


In my opinion, the current system is ok and I dont think it should be changed.

It would just make things complicated, let alone the system presently can sometimes be complicated.

Wasting time on this feature would probably be time that could be used on developing other features.

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