In game VA


I just hope that IF would have VA in game. Like MMORPG games have guilds or clans. IF should have this wherein the top airline will be decided by the number of flights completed and rewards could maybe be a structure that can be added on their hub.

I really like this idea. If everyone can share their thoughts about this and their inputs as well so we can maybe have a solid idea.


Nice idea however you will get some people who will disagree! It would be good for a ranking system!


I hope that you can maybe give out some inputs so we can all make this work for everyone ;-)


One of the challenges behind your proposal is that this app is seen by many to be a simulator and not a game. The few developers who service IF are busy on developing more aircraft, maps and I suspect a method to fly between maps. Any desire to have competition would need to be done outside the app.


Hi @Kilt_Mchaggis, I understand what your point is and I feel the same. The reason why I propose this is because in real world aviation there are airlines and there are no pilots or aircraft that can just randomly fly right? I also understand that there are VA outside the app but wouldn’t you like it if there is a VA in game?

So by having VA in game it gives more realism :-)


I think I understand your point. How to have a purpose when using the app rather than aimlessly flying around or just playing follow the leader. My solution to this to bring meaning to the time spent on IF was to build a Excel so I could track/log each airport I used and create a random flight generator to give me a random challenge each time I wanted to use the app. I have loaded the link to it if you are interested. I didn’t want to join a VA as their flights are pre chosen and possibly a little repetitive. My personality type needs to do EVERY thing once I commit so that is why I am logging all airports and tracking when I fly from them. Hope you get what you are looking for. Fly happy 😊


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@Kilt_McHaggis, I think I saw your post about that random flight generator but the only problem I have is that I only use my Android at the moment. My laptop is busted.

@Rotate I hope they’re thinking of implementing it.


Its a good idea if we can import a picture for cover the plane with,
Made own livery and change the callsign = your airline!