In game screenshot question

When I use the screenshot function, I can‘t seem to find my photos. I was wondering if you need iCloud working to find them.

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Have you made sure Infinite Flight has permission to edit your photos in settings?


Imdon‘t know, I don’t see it in settings, could it be the amount of apps I have?

I think @Railfanner365 is talking about this:

But I might be wrong.


It‘s under the individual apps section, right. At least, I thought it should be there.

Yes, if you go to settings > scroll down and find IF > click it > and it should show that option.

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Only problem, IF isn‘t there, I don’t know how, I only assume it must be the amount of apps I have, from other devices.

I‘m wondering, should we move this to support, or not, because it’s not an outright issue with the game.

This is what I see from a quick search:

Its not in “General” which is why its not showing up - go out of General and scroll all the way down into the list of apps until you find “Infinite Flight” there should then be a setting to allow access to various apps - including Photos.

That is strange!

It should show up.

Have you tried rebooting the device?
If so, better reinstall the app.

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After a reinstall, when you use the screenshot function from a replay for the first time, the app will ask permission to access photos.

If it doesn’t, then check this:


I‘ll try that

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It didn’t work, I don’t know what to do.

Did the app show up in Settings after reinstalling it?


That is really strange.
Just to clarify:

  • you have rebooted the device
  • you have deleted Infinite Flight and reinstalled it
  • after installing Infinite Flight, the app does not show up in the device’s settings
  • when using the screenshot feature from a replay for the first time, the app does not ask permission to access photos

Is that correct?

I’m going to try the screenshot function, hopefully It should work.

It doesn‘t ask for anything

I’ve never seen that behavior before.
To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on.

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