In-Game Screenshot Feature

Hey guys, the only way to take screenshots right now is in the replay section, which is a huge hassle. What if we had a way to take screenshots in-game? It would cut out the hassle of getting out of the game, going into the replay server, and finding the part you want to screenshot. Let me know if you think this is a good idea!

Not sure if we need this, the built-in screenshot feature is convenient enough in my opinion.


Yeah I mostly agree. I like to pause and angle my screenshots. The idea is great for on the go screenshots or when parked.

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Let’s see. In game and everything moving around? I don’t see much practicality in that.


before replay mode that was basically the way to go. U had to take pictures in mid flight. Due to the movement u could not catch any rare angles. Also if u missed a shot, the opportunity was gone, u cannot rewatch that scene again. With replay we get to stop every scene and perfectly choose the shot we want.

I also dont think its and hassle at all, its very simple and fast to go into replay mode and navigate through it.

I see no benefit in going backwards

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In my opinion this isn’t needed and here’s why. There’s an easy way to take a screen shot while in your flight, a built in feature during your flight to take pictures and get 4K quality will take a little bit of time to process like on live replay so your session will pause, we already have a perfectly fine system with live replay which provides 4K quality.

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There in fact already exists the ability to do this whilst using the app, in fact it’s existed for many years!

Android: Power Button and Down Volume button, hold for 3 seconds.

iOS: Either power button and home button or volume up and power button.

There’s also the fact that when taking screenshots, the application has to temporarily pause to be able to take and merge multiple images. Having this Integrated into online is asking for disconnections and it would also result in aircraft lagging throughout the sky when they take a screenshot 🤷

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I would rather be able to pause and get cool angles rather than have to worry about ATC while taking a screenshot.

The replay mode screenshot system is sufficient

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I believe you could take screenshots at replay mode!

Yes, but that doesn’t take out the control panel.

Uhh if you turn on automatic disappear thingy, wel does.


You may turn off the panel/Status Bar in the settings.

I will agree with @infiniteflight_17 though. During mid-flight there is a higher chance your device will freeze. The quality settings you are given now is lower to what you receive on the high resolution screenshot tool.

I just don’t see the reason to not use the replay tool and set your own angles for the perfect picture. The functionality will just complicate things more, especially when approaching a busy Airspace. This is just my opinion.


@SimCaptain make sure to vote for your own feature

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