In Game Money for Flight Cost (Hypothetical)

I didn’t put this in features because it is more of a thought and to see what others think of this rabbit hole.

Developer man hours aside and all things equal what if the game took a modified page from say… World of Warships where there was “in game” money that players made off their flights (which would probably lead to “wallet warriors” if you spent real money to boost it)

The idea would be you had limited OEM funds to plan, fly and upkeep your aircraft. Money would be made based on route, aircraft type and an algorithm that would tell you how many seats you sold to make money cause it’s all about butts in seats makes money for sweets. Also, how you treat and fly your aircraft like climb and descent, cruise profiles, fuel burn, or if you do excessive Blue Angels/Thunderbirds type maneuvering of your Airbus Boeing hog that would result in expensive repairs, or spending more money than making to loss of aircraft (in some way)

I’ve wondered if it would turn people away from the game or more? Would it make it too complex for most players? Cut down on crazy flying? Make IF a lot more money if they provided players a way to buy “air nuggets” with real money?

Ok yeah, a lot of code to write but hey I did say man hours aside…all things equal etc

There’s no right or wrong answers maybe more questions lol. As I sit here typing this there are so many pros and cons to this insane idea floating in my head before even hittting the create topic button… I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

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Not sure if we would want it directly in IF. It might be nice as an IF-Pax feature. I know some VAs use “money” that you earn for flying, but I think it should stay out of IF.


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Yeah, this ranks up there with an unpublished idea to have an in game AI ATC for en route and airports where there is no human player controllers with access to all the SIDS, STARS and charts etc

Her name would be Alice :) Child of Lord and Lady Google (Lady Google being the voice of maps and assistant)

I am a firm believer that Infinite Flight, as a simulator, should let people experience the simulator, not a pay to win, whoever is best at landing gets the most money. I think that flight simulators should let, and not punish, people taking their aircraft to the extremes. Which is why I think FDS made casual server, and nothing like this is in place currently.
I think we should stick to flying, and those of you who want this money feature to get Infinite Flight Passengers. It’s only a dollar and it should satisfy all of these needs.

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This is similar to what a few users have proposed in #features before - a career mode. In my opinion, taking a turn in this direction would make Infinite Flight more of a game rather than a flight simulator.

What I like about Infinite Flight in comparison to other apps is that when you initially purchase Infinite Flight, you aren’t limited to certain aircraft or regions because you have insufficient in-game money to operate a certain aircraft. This creates freedom that you can fly anywhere, whenever. After all, Infinite Flight is a mobile flight simulator, and a lot of users play Infinite Flight simply for the sheer convenience that you can pick up a small device and fly across the globe.


Leave some room for expansion for those wonderful people at Infinite Passangers. The devs have more important things to implement.

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This might be a good idea to implement on IFPax. As Infinite Flight is more focused on the simulation and adding aircrafts, IFPAX would fit right with your idea!

I wouldn’t like this because I don’t want a money system. I don’t want to have to buy any planes with “IF bux” or something but that’s just my opinion.

I’m sure there are still a few of us still around before the global update who bought aircraft and regions individually without subscription to live since 2014-15 something

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im glad i read through the thread because i was just about to bring up the very same thing…

I agree/disagree in some ways. This would be cool as an option that you could enable or disable, but overall I think this should stay out of IF.

Good idea, @Capt_Whiplash. But I would also prefer it separate from IF. Third party apps allow people to make choices on features they want. Perhaps, you can make your suggestions to third party devs? Peace.

Kindof similar what I posted quite a while ago

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