In-game messaging feature suggestion

Hello! Im not sure if anyone has actually made a thread for this… But, it would be cool if we had a button kind of similar to to button you would hit to pull up the ATC UI but instead a way to message friends for those who are on long flights/events. Some just use separate devices and chat on Discord or other apps, but I think it would be a cool feature for those who can’t do that. The chat UI would also be about the same the size of the ATC one so it wouldn’t take up your whole screen… I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions, thanks for tuning in ;)

(Staff, please feel free to change the category/tag that this is in because I didn’t know where to put it)


So kinda likes RFS’s game chat. I thought of that a while ago too. It would be a nice feature. im not speaking for the devs or anything, but I think they have their handsfull at the moment. With 21.2 plus the A330 re-work plus bug fixes from 21.1 left over after the beta. Also to add for that “game chat” there would have to be some type of auto mod, which I would guess isn’t that hard to implement. However ultimately there is a lot going on behind the scenes of infinite flight, I don’t think we would be seeing this “game chat” for a while even if the devs agreed with it. Don’t Quote me on that last part 😂.

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Thank you, appreciate it

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Some of the messages I have heard in the RFS chat, no wonder why the Devs dont want to put a chat feature in 😂😐

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Feel free to vote in the feature-request topic above.