In-Game LiveFlight Tracking Thread

Made this post so people could drop their flights below and we can track their progress as they fly along.


Callsign: GLA424 Heavy
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10 (Eithad)
Departure ICAO: KDFW
Arrival ICAO: OMDB
ETE to Dest.: 16 Hours


Once you finish don’t forget to log the flight here!

Boy do I love LiveFlight!


Thanks Hub!

I’ve read that thread, if I’m correct it’s for past flights that have already been completed. What I’m aiming for is current flights that’s going on right as they post it for others to watch and enjoy ;). Is there already a thread like that?

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Ah I completely misread your post.

Sincere Apologies.

With that being said, isn’t it kind of redundant that you have a tracking thread to track LiveFlight pilots when you can just hop onto LF yourself and click on pilots 😂


You’re not wrong… but you’re also not not right.


Some of us don’t have liveflight horizon, which means no search. While yes, some will find it fun clicking on every flight, for me and some others, it’s a waste of time. For me in particular, doing that takes forever and on mobile, every tap results in a 5 second lag.


And I hope screenshots would help too :)!

image image

Flying from Dubai to Dubai.
Dubai - London - Toronto - Los Angeles - Sydney - Perth - Dubai
Around 50 hours flight.
25 hours completed so far :)

Callsign : N1212G
Display Name : IFC-Skyline 7707


Enjoy the flights, link would be preferable but thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, sorry actually.
Lol my game crashed after 35 hours.

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