In-game Likes

Basically the opposite of the report button… There have been several times where I’ve wished I could say thank you to other pilots. It would be nice to send a tiny bit of appreciation to pilots you come across who are doing good work. A little recognition for good airmanship from your peers would be a cool addition imo.


Good idea but people will just ask other people for likes because there sad like that 😄😂


You could get rewarded for your likes as well. It shouldn’t be to OP, but maybe like 100xp per like?

I actually like the idea…


This would be awful.

The mods and devs would be absolutely spammed, everyone would spam like, and it would mean nothing.

Plus IF is a Flight Sim, not a Mutual Appreciation society.


That is a really good point. Maybe they could keep the number of times liked stats hidden so it does not become a measure of status for people who are into that.

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You block that option on mods. Plus, if IF is not a society of appreciation and stuff:
A- Why do we have report?(I know why but it functions in the same way)
B- Why can we say stuff like “thank you, good day” or " you’re welcome" when talking to ATC?

Either disable on mods, or don’t make it an alert, just a stat.

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Because you want nimrods out the way. You don’t need good people out the way.

So you can be polite, or if ATC does something nice you can thank them. The difference is ATC often do nice things to make your experience better, whereas it’s rare for pilots.

There’s also that but where is the line that divides a good from bad pilot? It varies from person to person, usually it’s someone better than you, but still, that would cause a lot of disputes.

I’ll give you a 100% guarantee that this feature will be spammed just like it was for ATC.💯✔✔✔


I defiantly agree that if they add this feature without any limitation it will be abused.

Controls such as session/daily max “like” limits could be put in place to prevent abuse. I am sure that the Devs learnt a lot with the growing pains of the report/ghost system. I trust that they would identify the proper controls to prevent abuse if they were to implement this type of feature.

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Waste of time. Complete waste of time.


I’m a bit in between with this one. I think it would be good to have a better way of thanking pilots if they’ve done something that’s of good airmanship but at the same time there could be a lot of problems, especially with the spam of likes. I like it, but it’s a feature which definately favours the social media warriors if you like.

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You can be polite and nice by giving a like…

You don’t hear Tower telling that plane taking off “good job!” or “nice takeoff!”, this isn’t needed as people don’t do this in real life aviation.


You are right, this would not be realistic as an ATC communication. Those conversations only happen in debrief irl. Since IF doesn’t have debrief, I was thinking this could work like the reporting feature. Where the sender knows he sent the like and recipient receives a positive comment in their message bar.

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