In game leaderboard

I know this website has topics for leaderboard. But the feature should be to have a leaderboard in the game. In the menu screen, it will rank people’s usernames and you can organise by: top xp, top flight hours, top landings, top ratio, etc. You press the button to choose which statistic to use to organise. There is a second button to choose all time or last 90 days. If some people do not have a username then their name can be “Unknown”.

This will be useful now because the username is the community username

I already know how this will be…

  1. Misha (unicorn powers)
  2. Laura
  3. Laura Alt
  4. Laura Alt 2
  5. Laura Alt 3
  6. Laura Alt 4
  7. Tyler
  8. Cameron
  9. DeerCrusher
  10. Adam Callow (well…magic)

I remember Infinite Flight used to have this function a few years back, but it was unfortunately removed due to some issues with it. See below for a detailed explanation.

The leaderboard looked something like this:

I would definitely like to see this back though, if possible.


This actually used to be a thing, not sure why it was removed.

@iidvdii would win that.


He said optimise it some day. TODAY IS THE DAY!

Then maybe they can choose to not count staff , or there can be another button to choose: view staff or players

no @iidvdii would beat all of them lmao


No, because Misha would add millions of XP to his account…staff powers…


I would assume it would change pretty dramatically when kuwaitis will wake up


I am in favor of the return of the highest level list .
For one reason only: to motivate pilots to reach the highest level.
Because that was the number one reason why I got high and motivated our respected and dear community members .

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to me it would make infinite flight feel ranked, like the point of using the sim would be to grind for a spot on the leaderboard… it’s a sim, not a call of duty installment

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Can I be 100% honest with you. The developers should spend their time making a realistic aircraft or physics or something. I’d rather fly a quality, well simulated aircraft, then see some names and a number of hours/XP or whatever.


I miss the leaderboard, was quite cool seeing the landing count competitions. Maybe someone could create a third-party website with some advanced cool stats. CC: @KaiM

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I completely forgot about this… kinda want this back tbh. Now would the times/XP reset after every month or so? Because otherwise the people flying since Infinite Flights inception will automatically win.


I’ll add it to my (lengthy) to do list


Yep, this is accurate.


Is it call a leaderboard