In-Game Inter-controller Communication

Often, I will be controlling either Ground or Tower at TS1’s busiest airports, and I’ve found it quite annoying that often you don’t know what the other controllers’ decisions and active runways are. IFATC has the ability to communicate effectively through Slack, but those in TS1 don’t. And most probably don’t use IFC either.

So what I’m thinking is something along the lines of the button-style communication we already use for aircraft, but instead for ATC. e.g. A Tower Controller can press a button saying “Active runways are…”, select his runways, and send that message to the Ground Controller who will be able to direct planes to those runways.

Actually a very nice request - it would be very useful, particularly when controlling at busy airports. You have my vote!


I have been, for so long, looking for someone to make this request. It was hard to act tower while the ground is sending the traffic all around the airport. It’s better to post something like runways being used are x and y so the ground shall help better.


Be sure to vote for your own request


I see the exact same problem here as with proper voice ATC. People will swear, be racist, scream, troll, etc and there will be no effective method of moderation.


It’s not a problem if they’re like now. ( pre written messages)

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What is IFC? I don’t know what it is.

Hmmm…call it a silly question…but what is slack…i would love to use it

I believe it is a service similar to discord, but I am not 100% sure. I think IFATC uses it to communicate.


Infinite Flight Community (This Forum)

IFC stands for infinite Flight community, what we’re interacting on rn

So its an app that runs along if…yes i will be downloading that ASAP

It is, similar functions as well. I use it for other groups that require teamwork

I’m kinda going along the lines of pre written messages that we have for aircraft