In game flight checklist

I had an idea, I’m not sure how people will react to this idea…

Could we have a flight checklist that is in Infinite flight? Like one for pre taxi, one for taxi, one for takeoff etc. You could either make your own or use a checklist generated by the app. Near your A/P and NAV controls, it could be possible to have a checklists button which you could scroll through and increase realism in our flights.

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I hope you can free up a vote ;)

Hey Liam!

As of now, the App: IF Checklists can be used. It is free on your respective store and includes aircraft specific checklists for each stage of your flight.

Concerning these checklists to be accessible within the cockpit in Infinite Flight, I think that’s a very good idea but I’m not sure how that would be negotiated between the IF team and the creators/owners of the App.

Hope this helps.

Find the IF Checklists post here

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Haha to be honest, I forgot about that app as I only have one 3rd party app. I’ll probably go download IF Checklists now.
I understand that it may be difficult to link the two apps.

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