In Game Event Chat

If you’ve ever hosted an event, you know that it’s basically mandatory to create a PM in the IFC to discuss NOTAMS, converse with your attendees, and tell someone to slow down (it happens more often than not). But, not all of us have immediate access to another device or play IF on an IPad Pro, which means we have to continuously switch between IF and our internet app. When you do this, you get put offline, which puts you behind all of the others in your event. The solution? Buy a computer. But why spend several thousand dollars on a computer just so that you can easily chat with your event attendees. A less expensive solution would be…

In Game Messaging

Now, I know there are similar requests to this one, but they deal with chats between users around you. That feature has been denied by the mods because it’s nearly impossible to avoid abuse on those chats.

The feature I’m requesting is slightly different. Basically, there will be a drop down menu on the user interface that says “Chat”. In the drop down there will be an option to “Create a Chat”, which the player can use to invite their friends, or event attendees. Now the player can easily chat with their attendees without having to go offline. There can also be an option to kick players if they act up, which will get rid of that issue.


  • Easy communication between users
  • Abuse can be avoided by kicking players
  • Host Events without having to leave the app

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
That’s what the comment section is for! Let me know what you guys think!

Like the exact same thing, different naming?