In-game custom callsign

Just wondering are you still able to set your callsign to whatever you want if so how do I do this ?

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Hey there!

Unfortunately, setting your callsign t9 whatever you want was removed in 20.2. All though you can make creative names using the GA Callsigns with the letters that are required in the name.

Here’s some examples:

OK-HAI (my callsign)
YU-MMY (@Syncline’s callsign)


My callsign is I-FRUS

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Oh well that’s sad,felt more of an experience having it the way you wanted with own callsign,but yeah guess it makes people think about proper callsigns’more

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My callsign is OO-OOO


My callsign is IFSHOTS1, I’m glad I conserve it! 🤞🏼

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Mines is G-RAVE


My VA use G-FCVA as a none real world Virtual Airline

My callsign is I-JEDI

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I’ve flown from the same airport as you a lot of times! I only remember because when you request all I hear is Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar is ready for pushback and then Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar pushback approved 😂 makes me chuckle because of the AI voice processing all of those O’s 😂😂😂😂


B-MAN here

ER-ROR because…

My custom callsign has been newly updated it is G-GALX

Hotel Papa seven seven seven seven November November November (HP-7777NNN)

jk, that’s just the most annoying callsign ever 😂. My actual callsign is N2446K

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Hello y’all, N2021F here.

You may only set callsigns to the format that is given to you in app when choosing such callsign. Some airlines/countries permit alpha numeric combinations. Others only permit letters or numbers.