In-game control/commands reset

So I looked up if anyone else is having this issue and it seems a couple of people do, but no one replied with a solution. (Also the topics were closed due to no replies)

So when you connect via LiveFlight connect or OTG (android) you are able to assign keys and buttons to commands such as [(space) for landing gear] That’s no issue, however I am finding it every time I restart the app after a couple of minutes all of my assigned keys are reset.

Now I have also used the [alternative category] in settings thinking if I did that, it would save but it seems like it won’t, it always restores the default settings.

Which bugs me after doing it a couple of times already, is there a way we can have our key/axis settings stored locally on the device like we have our other settings stored?

Device Samsung S8
Yoke system : Saitek Pro flight
And Dell keyboard

No, restarting the device or reinstalling the app will not fix/resolve this issue, I’ve tried this.

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It may also be a LiveFlight issue and not directly connected with Infinite Flight, therefore, restarting and reinstalling the app will not help.

It’s directly affected by Infinite flight.

OTG is a direct connection to Infinite flight app that means I’m not using live connect

Bumping post so its seen by staff*

There’s no need to bump the post someone will see it soon enough

i cant get on liveflight whenever it loads. it never wants to connect

That’s a separate issue from what I’m having, but to fix your problem you need to make sure the app is allowing liveconnect, PM me and I’ll help you out.

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