In Game Chat

Can’t you just use a Unicom

This is a request that is asking for way more in depth chat than UNICOM.

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ehh im just gonna bump this just because it would be nice (KEEP OUT THE BAD STUFF THO)

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[Holding Short Of Runway]

Damn kid yo landing was horrible you slammed the gears.


IM wondering if someone thinks about this now

This would be nice. But question: could you talk about anything within reason? Like just have a normal conversation about, say, the weather? Or does it strictly have to be about aviation? Either way I support this Ik just wondering.

Love this!

There’s a very coherent topic about a group-pilot frequency here. Even though this topic is older, the linked topic goes into it with a lot more detail (It’s been linked by Marc earlier, but just linking it again for others to see).

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I can’t wait to finally be able to tell ground to shut up after they spam me with “you’re in an active airspace, please contact ground” when I’m cruising.

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Rip lol

might need censor chat

Or maybe they just don’t loaned if they have black listed words

Seems very nice!