In Game Chat

A few “canned” messages such as
Nice to see you.
Great landing.
Shall we fly?
Follow me.
Copy my FPL.
PM me later.
would add to building friendships.


Great idea although people can misuse the chat. I don’t have any votes left :/

Voted! Much needed, even just a simple system like a few general things you could click on sort of like the misc section of the ATC radio, I’ve seen this in games before and it works :)

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I am not to sure how text to speech will do, as when IF was younger, it had problems with “roger”.

Yeah that is smart. But still, it can be some people that just want to troll or swear OR bully which is grade 3,4 and 5

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Why are so much people against this? And they are making it sound so difficult.

They could just have it set up where friends Make a group chat. Like on PSN when you’r playing online you can make a private chat between friends or someone you met online.

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The abuse of the system would be too much to handle by IF’s moderating system.

It would be a private chat group between those players only what they say to each other is between them only that’s not abuse or if someone is bothering another player they can block them so players can deal with abuse on their own.

They could also set it where they can only chat on the ground or above 10,000ft to avoid distractions.

Something that really is abused is ATC and pilots reporting other players foully.

I would like to see this along with a censoring system because when you are participating in an event or a flight of (#), sometimes I (referring to myself) have to go to the community and talk back with the people I am flying with. This could some times reset IF on my phone and I would have to restart from the very beginning. So this chat option in the app could save me from multitasking and making IF reset on my phone! Still might actually clear a vote for this! Good luck and I wish you all well!


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I think this is a great idea!

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Really good idea. That could also be easily made for the game as it is not complicated like the updates we have now. It also works well for ‘Other’ ATC communication, such as improvements for an emergency situation, or explaining a mistake before getting reported with an apology, etc… It is also useful for making friends, chat with each other… I see no downside to this. Although I ran out of votes. 👍👥

Does anybody know what number of feature requests have actually been implemented? (besides livery requests)

unfortunately i don’t see this feature being implemented at all.

This is a great idea! :)

Id say this is a good idea because when you want someone to fly with you, you can tell them to fly with you or say to a person that’s a noob (not to be rude) that theirs a plane on final on the runway like say “Yo theres a plane incoming, you might wanna wait there” when they dont use ATC.

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I disagree with most people who say it’s a bad idea. I can’t speak as much for civilian aviation, but in the military, we are constantly talking plane to plane. From 100s of miles away at times. It is a NECESSITY in our community. Very few ops are blackout (no communication). Even when we are flying we also hear other pilots talking over certain frequencies as well. It is not an uncommon occurrence. Maybe not so much in professional airlines, but else where it is certainly common.

Second point, this can be implemted in a way that you may only accept chat and or audio chat from people you wish to accept from. It does not have to be an open world chat. Not at all.


Heres the best approach. And the most relaistic. "Fingers" : Frequency 123.45 Pilot Unicom

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Maybe you should recommended it to him in a way that’s more clear, instead of implying it in sarcastic tone, that’d be better in my opinion. :)

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This is a great idea if you was flying with your colleagues 👍🏼

This is a very good idea, but I was thinking of it not being written already. just like on the website they star out the abusive terms, we could also get another group of Mods who keep an eye on the chat and they’ll be able to ghost anyone who abuses this feature.

All the sides are right. It should be as same as real life.

But, if you say “hey man, it is unrealistic, pilots never talk, chat each other etc”; this would be a big lie.

I watched many many videos that pilots are talking to each other. Even they are getting nervous and threatening each other, sometimes they ask each other about their status etc.

We can provide it via chat or voicetalk, i don’t know.

But never say; there is no chat, no talking in real life

Never say; We should chat/talk as same as users who play online kid games.

We should find a common way. Chat or talk but with restrictions, rules etc.