In Game Chat

Exactly. It IS a simulator. And that’s exactly why we need a possibility to SIMULATE the communication between pilots. This is essential. For example: You need to communicate for efficient refueling. You need a Guard Frequency to communicate in areas where there is no ATC controller, for example over the Atlantic when you plan to divert due to weather but there are other planes around.


Well if you’re down to moderate each individual chat 24/7 then that’s fine.

When would this come in handy? I have never had a need to contact another pilot while flying. Outside of fancy top gun style maneuvers, I don’t personally see a need for it. The headaches it brings outweighs the benefit. We have pilots who cant control their aircraft (even on expert) while cruising without violations, what will happen when chat is introduced?


Little Timmy is out getting his hair cut and is playing IF while waiting. Someone comes on and blurts out a racial slur or cuss word that can be overheard. Who gets blamed for that? The parents blame FDS, force him to uninstall the game. FDS and YOU lose in the end. Since it is real time, there is no way for a mod or someone to approve every transmission.

Timmy is chatting with the keyboard during a long flight. Mom looks at the phone and sees vulgar chat occurring. Same as above. Instantly sends FDS an email and forces their kid to uninstall and cancel the subscription.

There are tons of features that would be great to have in the sim. Some are just not possible with mobile technology and some are but run the risk of tarnishing the Infinite Flight brand. Branding is a major part of application development and is why larger companies spend millions in effort to keep the brand from being tarnished. Even platform games run into this issue and they have more controls at their fingertips.

Granted there is no 100% way to protect everyone from everything, it is the internet after all. Protecting the Infinite Flight brand is critical to the success and future development. FDS is not Microsoft. They are a small dedicated company that believes in their product, puts out a solid product, and relies on word of mouth and reviews to help foster growth. This is why I don’t see voice or even text chat happening any time soon. But hey, I may be wrong. Just be sure to think about the other aspects outside of the code.

I do not work for FDS, these views are my own. I just happen to believe in their product and support their efforts.


voice atc would be cool like IFATS but in IF

this would be the best think since global if added !

Yeah, good idea. What do you think about voice ATC?

This is a simulator not a game… really using that point (2 times)

pilots talk to eachother in real flights


even u get so many votes still won’t change anything… :/

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You know, legend has it there’s this program called Discord that allows you to chat with other people across the globe through voice and text…


Have you heard AirForceProud95’s videos? Do you want IF to end up like this?


I dont think Infinite Flight will end up like airforceproud95’s videos if the developers add a chat. @BobbyRobert.


This is a really good idea

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It would be greate if you could set up a chat with you and other people so you did not have everyone talking. It would also be good for events.

Poor poor Moderators, even more stress…

A good idea? No.

It could be the same as a PM which would mean there is no moderators.

Why not have a filter for bad words?

That would be a bit difficult to implement I’m afraid.

ROBLOX does it very well.
If they could implement chat, then surely it would be pretty simple to implement some sort of censoring system.

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Yep, a few games that have in-game chats, do have a filter against common @&%# words, replacing them as *** in chat automatically. Even in IF, most, if not all, of these words cannot be used as your in-game username (display name). FDS can just use this same system and implement this on the in-game chat.

Now, i’m not saying i’m totally supportive of or against this idea, I’m on the fence for this one for various reasons. Just saying that the chat filter would not be an issue should this idea is being implemented.

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Maybe only for a expert server then?

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