In Game Chat

An In Game Chatroom very general idea, which can be implemented in some different ways.

1. A general Chat for everyone in a radius of 50nm
This one would be useful in case you’re looking for an escort or a partner to refuel.

2. An individual chat which shows up as an own frequency
This one would be great for coordinating events, like refueling. The normal ATC is not capable of doing this.

Such a chat could be implemented in vocal form or in written form. It would basically be like a „On Guard Frequency“ as we know it in real life.

I know I listet two points, but I‘m still only suggesting one single feature. An In Game chat would create the ability for pilots to communicate with each other. And I think it has to be implemented in different kind of versions, to be as effective as it could be.

//edit: I know, there are similar suggestions. However, they were written before Global and before we were able to refuel. A lot of things changed.

Problem is the moderation. But i totally thing this is a very great idea.


I really like this idea. Although it’s already a topic, this one is better organized. Definitely has my vote!


It could be presets like a change in altitude to… a change in speed to…


I think mods already said they weren’t planning on doing something like that because it is hard to avoid abuse…
If it’s prewritten why not…
It has been a bit discussed. The only way I see it happening is written text.


Yeah, that was what i thought


Clash Of Clans chat rooms have a system that mutes abusive terms. That could possibly be implemented into the IF chat room.


Yes, that be an option too.


Ooh! Here’s an idea! How about they add an option to create a chat and invite your friends that are on the same server as you. This would be extremely helpful for event communications so all of us that don’t have immediate access to a computer or play on an IPad Pro, so we don’t have to continuously switch apps.


wow we really need this


Try keeping it to one request per topic.
I think it could be handy so feel free to create a topic…



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Never mind, it got closed 😂


Look at the site geo Fs which is why I think we shouldn’t have it.

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Perhaps this should only be implemented on the expert server. I feel like this would be used by trolls and generally abused on TS1 and casual.


I think there should be a mute and voice abuse report button then just in case anyone does do that, other than that I think this is a great idea and you have my vote!


I just seeing this going south really quick if someone starts to go off using profanity or trolling. However if you had the ability to accept a request to join and mute, i can see how it works. Not sure how difficult this would be to implement into the sim though.



  • This is a simulator, not a game
  • It weighs down the server (100 people talking at once around the globe- many more network pings)
  • This is a simulator, not a game
  • Dev time to develop a chat system, UI, spam protection, filter, possible moderation system- takes time away from actual simulator features
  • Extra moderation overload
  • This is a simulator, not a game

I’d like to add on to what you said.
On android, there are some devices where once the keyboard is open (for example: searching for a waypoint) the device slows down. This would be a big issue and may result in game crashes if such chat feature was implemented


I don’t think this would be just as useful as using Slack, Discord, or just hitting the PM button.

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